Our Purpose and Values
Purpose and Values

Our Purpose

The Geelong College aims to provide an inspiring education where all students can learn how to learn, flourish, be innovative and aspire to futures that harness their many skills and abilities.

We aim for our students to be respectful and to confidently develop their academic, emotional, physical, social and spiritual potential.

The Geelong College also seeks to provide learning experiences that shape personal development in ways that prepare students to positively contribute to society.

Our College Values

Members of the College community aspire to and are guided by these values:

Respect with grace
Aspiration with humility
Endeavour with courage
Integrity with compassion
Community with diversity

    The College Crest

    The quartered shield depicts an open book representing learning, the Burning Bush symbolising the Reformed Church faith, a claymore signifying the College's Scottish heritage and the Southern Cross for Australia. The coronet at the top is the symbol of the British Commonwealth.

    At the base of the shield is the Motto: sic itur ad astra which comes from Virgil’s “Aeneid” Book IX,. 641. The full quote is “macte nova virtute, puer! (blessing on your new bravery, boy!) sic itur ad astra” (this is the way to the stars). The youthful God Apollo is addressing young Iulus (the son of Aeneas), who has just shot his bow for the first time in battle and been blessed by Jupiter with a victory, and means to instruct him that this is the way to further success and to his destiny.

    At the top of the crest is the mythical Pegasus, taken from the Clan Morrison representing the founders of the school.

    The Geelong College opened in 1861 but the full college coat-of-arms wasn't designed until 1927. It was registered with the College of Heralds in 1986.

    Strategic Education Plan
    Towards 2025: We reach for the stars
    College Crest
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