Developing a love of, and fundamental skills in reading and viewing, writing, listening and speaking is our aim in the younger years.

Curriculum Focus

Linked to our Reggio Emilia approach to education, the English curriculum is purposeful and rich learning through a range of activites designed to develop the fundamentals of literacy.

Guided reading - Focus groups, tailored to individual learning needs guided by an educator each day. Esplore different genres including fiction and non fiction - this is supported by Library studies.

word study - We use the SMART spelling approach as part of our word study program. Children say, understanding the meaning, analyse, remember and teach the words to cement them in their vocabulary.

writers workshop - Children have the opportunity to write different text types from narratives to information reports, and of course, stories. There is a focus on hand writing, skill development and expression.

speaking and listening - There are numerous opportunies for children to express themselves and listen respectfully to others, including presenting at assemblies, class meetings and other peer interactions.

Prep English