Singing, percussion, movement and improvisation are all explored through creative and fun activities in music.

Curriculum Focus


Children participate in a variety of activities which build their creative movement vocabulary. They use these skills to respond expressively to a wide range of music, using scarves where appropriate. In all sessions, children are engaged in structured movement activities, such as, action songs, circle games and dances.


Echo songs, in which children listen and imitate pitch have been the focus of Semester 1. Repetition of songs has been an important part of encouraging pitch memory. Children have participated in pitch exploration activities such as vocal glissandos. Children have memorised and performed a variety of short, simple songs.


The student initiates and maintains a consistent beat. They use a variety of untuned percussion, such as, glockenspiel, boomwhackers and drums.

Arioso (Improvisation)

The student is able to improvise and perform a short tune using at least two notes.

Prep Music