Singing, percussion, movement and improvisation are all explored through creative and fun activities in music.

Curriculum Focus


The student is able to create movements that appropriately reflect the musical expressiveness of various styles of music.


Echo songs, in which children listen and imitate pitch have been the focus of Semester 1. Repetition of songs has been an important part of encouraging pitch memory. Children have participated in pitch exploration activities such as vocal glissandos. They have used Kazoos for pitch development.


The student initiates and maintains a consistent beat. They recognise beat groups of 2's and 3's.

Arioso (Improvisation)

The student is able to spontaneously create a short tune using more than two notes in a simple form.


Students learn rhythmic patterns to understand how time is divided up in a piece of music. They practice on their bodies and untuned percussive instruments.

Year 2 Music