The foreign language teaching methodology known as Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM) uses gestures, music, dance, and theatre to help students learn language.

The program uses gestures to help students remember and access words, phrases and structures. For example, while the students say, ‘regarder’ (to look), they hold their hands in front of their eyes in the shape of binoculars. This approach includes defined gestures for 700 essential French words, also known as Pared Down Language.

The four skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are developed as the students move through the program. Term 1 focuses
on the students becoming familiar with the AIM method and developing their oral and aural language skills. In Term 2, the children are introduced to a French play. The skills of reading and writing in French are developed alongside spoken and listening skills.

Curriculum Focus

Reading ‑ Comprehension

Students associate meaning with the written forms of words pertaining to greetings and introductions, numbers 1 ‑ 31, calendar, family, food and drink. Students are able to select appropriate words or phrases to label specific illustrations.

Speaking ‑ Pronunciation

Students compose and present a short dialogue in which they revise greetings and introductions. They ask and provide the date, describe their family, discuss likes and dislikes with regard to food, drink and hobbies.

Listening ‑ Comprehension

Students respond appropriately to questions about self, date, family, likes and dislikes and classroom instructions. They listen to short stories and songs related to these topics.

Writing ‑ Responding

Students complete short, familiar sentences with known words, related to the topics studied. They also work in their AIM booklets completing various written activities including choosing appropriate words, putting sentences in order and answering questions.

Year 3 French