Ms Leanne Russell
Ms Leanne Russell
Head of Middle School

Middle School

Our Middle School is home to Years 4 to 8. Overlooking Queens Park, it is a thriving learning centre for more than 500 students. Middle School features open learning spaces, year level precincts, a science centre, a drama studio and a café style canteen, as well as a full-sized gym and ovals, courts and fields. The Enviro Garden is the heart of our Middle School inspiring discussion on sustainability, environmental and community.

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Middle School learning is about extending the development of curiosity, imagination, creativity and problem solving, while developing a deeper understanding in learning, of self, and of self in relation to others.

From Year 4 to Year 8, Middle School students are encouraged to become more independent in their learning and responsible in their decision-making. They set goals in all aspects of their learning, and their personal development is supported strongly by specialist Middle School staff, as the students investigate, reflect, make decisions and cooperate with others.

Middle School students learn to lead, both within their own environment, and also in conjunction with the adjacent Junior School. The depth of their learning prepares them well for the years to follow.