Year 4

The Enviro year holds a special place in the educational experience offered by The Geelong College. The rich context of the immediate environment, including the Barwon River and a diverse and productive garden, provides endless opportunities to engage in meaningful learning in all areas of the curriculum. Tactile outdoor experience develops empathy and builds respect for the magnificent natural diversity of life on earth.

Explore Year 4

Growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing food allows children to learn important life lessons about sustainability, good food and good health. Our students plan, develop and maintain the Enviro garden and experience many opportunities to plan for and prepare meals for others, using garden produce.

Students study the interdependence of living things in their local environment, investigating plants and their growth. They participate in ponding activities at the Barwon River and discover how creatures are part of food chains and food webs. They also explore changes to their place over time, including consideration of the Wathaurong people and the impact of European settlement.

Students develop broad understandings about the Earth’s finite natural resources, living sustainably and are encouraged to take action for the environment. Mathematics is taught in the classroom by way of activities that require students to count, name, order, and manipulate numbers, to look for patterns and to consider a range of strategies in solving problems. Students learn via structured and purposeful investigations and through deep linkages to existing knowledge, other mathematical ideas and to other areas of the curriculum.

Students engage with a variety of reading materials for enjoyment. They read, view, listen to and respond to a range of fiction and non-fiction texts in a variety of classroom contexts that support their Inquiry topics. Shared Inquiry, Book Club, class discussions and small group activities provide many opportunities for students to respectfully listen, reflect, question and share their thoughts and ideas.

In Year 4 Enviro students learn to take care of their place and become advocates for change.