Year 6

In Year 6, students learn in an open environment equipped with a range of current technologies to support and share their learning. Students develop skills to make and understand media and to consider how people, events and issues are represented. They create, produce and present their own works using digital technologies of their choice to communicate a message to their audiences.

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Students learn how to create and communicate through a variety of platforms for various audiences, and develop the skills and attitudes necessary for them to become responsible Digital Citizens. There is an expectation that students will be active learners, encouraged to seek information, to question, to take risks, to solve problems, to make decisions, and to be responsible for their own learning.

Students learn the most important filmmaking and digital communication techniques such as planning their ideas, collaborating with production crews, filming on location and the Green Screen, editing in Adobe Premiere and performing on camera. They undertake projects including tutorial films, stop-motion animations, history documentaries and films with strong conservational messages. They also study TED Talks and develop their own TED-style project which involves investigating their passions and reflecting on personal experiences that taught them valuable lessons.

All Year 6 students are given the opportunity to present their TED-style project live to an audience of their peers, family and school community. Group work is an integral part of the year and strategies are taught for both leading and participating effectively with others. They are given opportunities to present at assemblies, give and receive feedback and report to the class. Students listen actively by displaying interest, making eye contact and taking turns.
In Year 6 students develop the confidence to create and share important stories.