Year 10

In Year 10 learning opportunities, career exploration, service and leadership opportunities and travel sit alongside a broad range of subjects. There is an opportunity to accelerate into VCE units 1 and 2 for many students, particularly in mathematics, sciences, information and technology and Physical Education.

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With increasing academic expectations and workloads, students are supported to learn study methods, to challenge their expectations of themselves and to develop their independent learning and research capabilities. A broad range of elective subjects offers the opportunity to further develop skills, embed passions and explore what their future may hold.

The Year 10 Fulfilling Lives program sees many students travelling to Central Australia, where they learn about local indigenous cultures, and assist in schools and communities. Students also have the opportunity to work on community aid projects in places such as Borneo, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Townsville and in Greater Geelong. Through this program they develop a better understanding of the world and their place in it, empathy and the importance of advocacy in making change. Unfortunately in 2020 this program was cancelled due to COVID-19. With the ongoing nature of the COVID pandemic changes to this program for 2021 and possible beyond is expected.

The Year 10 program is designed to encourage students to develop and express their own opinions, to make good choices and to prepare them well personally and academically for their VCE studies.
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