Year 9

In Year 9 students experience learning opportunities that incorporate elements of physical challenge, service learning and personal choice. As part of a well-rounded education, not only are students challenged with classical and contemporary subject offerings and extra-curricular opportunities, they also experience different environments and cultures as they attempt to gain a greater appreciation for their place in the world.

Explore Year 9

As students begin their journey at the Senior School there is an expectation that they learn independently, challenge themselves and make the most of the opportunities that are offered. They are supported to do this both in and out of the classroom by teachers, coaches and support staff. The range of subjects offered is broad and provides opportunities to both explore and embed interests with single semester or year long electives.

During the Year 9 City Week program, the City of Melbourne becomes the classroom. Students choose a subject and spend the week working with experts in the field on a research project. Aspiring artists work with street artists to create and understand different art styles. English students explore storytelling, media and writing with professional authors and journalists, and Physical Education students visit the Institute of Sport to learn about the science of high performance. In the week-long snapshot of city life, students add to their life skills, become more independent, and return to school inspired and challenged by what they have experienced.