What Works and What Matters wellbeing blog

Our teachers and students (even if they don’t tell you!) appreciate the incredible efforts you are making in juggling your time and resources (physical and emotional) in order to support your children with our remote learning program.

So to say thanks, and to help answer some questions or give you some time out to share with each other we have created the What Works and What Matters blog. There are two themes. What Works: Share those ideas, tips and advice that have helped you keep yourselves sane and your children motivated. What Matters: What has changed for you, maybe what reflections you would like to share about how your thinking and priorities have shifted during this time of uncertainty or something great that has made you happy (it’s amazing how little things now make us happy).

Read and contribute here!

Wellbeing resources

Here you will find several resource and advice sheets designed by Headspace to help young people and their parents with concerns about mental health and wellbeing. We recommend that these are downloaded and kept in a place that is easily accessible.

Resources for Parents

Fact Sheets: NIP (Notice Inquire Plan):

Fact sheets for young people- also good for parents!

If you would like more information or help please contact the School Counsellors - Catherine.Thornton@geelongcollege.vic.edu.au or Kate.Sculley@geelongcollege.vic.edu.au, your GP or health professional.