"Our stance on leadership is built around the idea of inspiration, inclusion and impact, comprised of the college's core values to show the way, influencing others to become the best versions of themselves by our own actions and visions”

We are both greatly honoured that we have been given this opportunity to be school leaders for the 2020 school year and look forward to working with the broader school community, with the aim of bringing positive change upon the College. For us, being leaders of the College ultimately means that we fulfil the role of representing the strong values of the school, aiming to serve the College to the best of our ability and to better it in the coming 2020 school year. The school's inclusive nature and supportive people strengthen these values, and we are extremely excited at the prospect of fulfilling the role in our final year of school.


We have both been at the school for a number of years and are immensely proud to be a part of the schools rich history and culture, which we hope to build upon this year. Both of us have been broadly involved in many aspects of the school, and as a result we think that we provide a valuable student representative body. While being chosen as leaders is a great honour, it is also about being chosen to complete a role which in essence is about commitment and service to the school, and the people in the community. We both understand the unique facets of the college that make it an amazing place to thrive as a young person, and we hope that we can emphasise the importance of taking such opportunities by both hands throughout the year.


Whilst we have admired and looked up to the past leaders of the school, we are excited to be given the responsibility of imparting our own style of leadership, views and aspirations upon the school, while continuing to carry on their strong values and foundation. We look forward to leading with integrity, alongside the dedicated teachers and students that make this school such an amazing place to be a part of. The school's strong sense of community is an important aspect of the culture of the school, and the College's values of courage, integrity and respect epitomise what it means to develop as a student, as these attitudes are instilled at a young age.           


Our stance on leadership is built around the idea of inspiration, inclusion and impact, comprised of the College's core values to show the way, influencing others to try to become the best version of themselves through our own actions and visions. The schools infinite array of opportunities available to students contributes to their development and ultimately allows them to leave this school as the best versions of themselves. As leaders, we understand the responsibility that we have in leading by example and ensuring that we are always the best role models we can be whilst representing the school. Inclusion will be a key component of our leadership platform where every student will feel comfortable and will proactively help other students learning alongside them from different backgrounds, different cultures and with differing levels of academia.


Our strong and diverse group of 16 prefects each bring a unique set of skills, values and ideas that will shape their own leadership styles and ensure they have a lasting and positive impact on the students at Geelong College. We understand the importance of having a diverse and dynamic leadership team and we are excited to work closely with our prefects to create a legacy of our own for 2020 that will be honoured and followed in years to come.


The 2020 school year will be an exciting one for all Geelong College students and teachers alike in many different ways. We will look forward to honouring the legacy of previous leaders and also to stamping our own leadership qualities and changes in areas where we feel we can shape the direction of the school in the year ahead. It is a great honour to be bestowed the opportunity to lead the school and work with the Geelong College community, and we will ensure we always have our vision of ensuring the students can become the best versions of themselves at the forefront of our thinking.


Georgie Cullen and Matthew Thacker - College Co-Captains